The inconsistencies in gameplay and AI

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This is another ranting thread but Im a bit hungover and need a rant. Just played a game where I lost 4-3. My players felt so slow, passes were constantly misplaced and took me an age to get up the pitch.

For his winning goal, my Eriksen literally took about 2 seconds to kick the ball, he played a ball into his son which hit my Azpilicueta and fell right into Sons path. Throughout the game his players in defence, were always touch tight to mine. I couldn't turn his centre back cause they were always onto me. Mine however are always 3/4 yards behind the attacker. Also sometimes I just feel I can't stop an attack. Every pass is crisp and precise leaving me helpless where as my Dele Alli can't even play a simple ball in midfield.

I'm not a terrible player, I got elite 3 on fifa 17 and have played fifa since fifa 03. Has anyone else been experiencing this?


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    One sided delay. Experienced it in 90% of my games in 17 and it's back on 18. Not as present as last year but it can still destroy your gaming experience.
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