40 WL games on consoles

i dont get it, again this year why we have to play 40 games when on pc they have only 25 games to play?


  • DaveSaves
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    You don’t have to play any.
  • seabo
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    At the end of the day a lot of us here are addicted enough to play 40 games. If EA didn't give so much incentive to play that many games in a short time it would be healthier for the players who struggle to control their addiction or justification in not playing so much.
  • Sporting
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    40 games is it to much.. impossible to achieve if you have a life outside fifa
  • DaveSaves wrote: »
    You don’t have to play any.

    yeah bt that's not my point, im going to play them all. i just don't know why pc players have to play only 25 games and we 40. i think we should have the same amount of games.
    I get that console players base is huge but it's not hard to find games on pc, so it cant be that.
  • RadioShaq
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    People are playing both wl and squad battles. I wouldn't be surprised if ea didn't make it more so you pick one or the other.
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