18 is a great game. But im suck

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Hello guys.

I realy enjoy Fifa 18. Great game nice pace.
As Fifa 17 player I allways finishd WL as Gold 1 or low Elite.
In Fifa 18 now I have 13 wins and 53 losses.
The game is great and I dont know whats wrong with me. I just cent score.
I have a nice team and I play Fifa for the last 21 years.
I feel like I want to give up.

What do you say guys? Any good Youtube guides or something?
I spend 160£ on the game and my record in 17 was abot 3k wins and about 700 losses.


  • JayBee
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    The best tactic people seem to like on the forums if you press your left d pad a few times your go on to park the bus, then put custom tactic counter attack and just let the AI defend for you while you try and get a lucky goal it's realism at its finest.
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