List of fixes needed.

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1. Selected player should attempt a tackle when i press the tackle button.. Not a 4 second delayed lunge or just no attempt at all. Defending is potluck most tackles are won by barge strength rather than an actual tackle. most times i am stood 1 yard in front of the attacker i press tackle... and nothing no tackle no push and pull.. just nothing.

2. Agility when without the ball should be increased when not holding down the sprint button, most of the time changing direction is like watching the wiley coyote in his ready to make chase stance. Can understand when your at full sprint but not while jockeying at normal pace.

3. Penalties are given for pretty much no contact. I thought we had that problem around fifa14-15 and it was fixed.

4. Your update for goalkeeping and shooting did nothing both need tweaking. I didnt think anything was that bad about FIFA17 shooting it just needed some tweaking chipping is at its best point in the fifa series i'd say but the shooting and goalkeeping is just so stupid atm, You know when a goal is going in before a shot is even hit. The standing still long shot thing has always been a problem not just in fifa18.

5. Blind passing needs removing again, Passing overall is just stupid, It reminds me of battlefront 1's starfighter auto lock on system. Even if there is no one in front of you and you hit a pass directed with your analog to go forward it will play a 40 yard pass sideways just to find a teammate. the only place on the pitch there is error with passes is when the box is flooded with opponents and even the game cant find a way then, This also means that any attempts to make hero interceptions are impossible because the ball will just make sure it is played around you and the agility factor comes into this as your guy is no longer capable of making up ground on the ultra auto passing system.

6. Crosses... Crosses are just as ultra assisted as passing is, The ball adjusts itself in the air or it hangs like a balloon so it can find its target.. i have always had semi crossing on and even mine does it. I thought the headed goal nightmare had been fixed from FIFA14.. That was literally game breaking back then ruined the whole experience for a whole year. That early cross is always a guaranteed goal you pretty much have to go into the game thinking your already 1-0 down because anyone with low-average skills can put that cross in.

7. Also another thing i seem to be experiencing that multiple people can no longer jump for the same ball, like its gone back to a 1 on 1 situation. every time i try to go for a header from a goalkick on club's my guy just gets jedi knight force pushed away from the 1-1 situation instead of also being locked on to attempt to win the header.

8. The dummy.... Should the dummy be blamed on the passer or the game? Good example today was when a teammate on club's played a pass across the goal and my guy auto dummied it when i had a tap in and instead in went to another teammate behind me who shot and it was saved. I suppose you could say my teammate should of put less power on it but it was still a pea roller and surely a situation should not be took out of my hands like that and should be down to if i press the dummy button myself or at least if i hit the shoot button my guy should pull out of your auto dummy and hit it himself

there's more i could go on about but i feel like at least 1-6 are things that need looking at extremely, Even more so number 1 and 2. If i could at least make a tackle when i tell it to then i could prevent more crosses.
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