What's The Trick to Not Need Squad Fitness

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Hi everyone, I've read contrary things about how to avoid squad fitness aside from using 2 teams I've read things about quitting games against the CPU to regain fitness and that it just affects your win multiplier.

Could someone please explain what I have to do. Thanks.


  • ozcs_69
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    build a fitness squad
  • djvkool43
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    ozcs_69 wrote: »
    build a fitness squad


    build 2 squads, main squad 11 players + 11 fitness players + 2 super subs on the bench

    Fitness squad will have 11 fitness players, and 11 main squad players + 2 super subs on the bench

    play 3 games, then switch over, 3 games, then switch back - rinse & repeat :)
  • What I do is I play a 4-3-3 (5). I have a substitute for CF, LM, RM, CDM, LB, and RB. I have a pair for CB and CM. I usually take someone off if they have under 90 fitness. This way I maintain a squad over 90 fitness.
  • Alex_cr
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    Obviously only works at weekend but I play 2 WL games then a SB then use a team fitness. That way I’m making a minimum 1600 coins between using them.
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