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Since Fifa 13, the SAME bug! What a SHAME!

Guys, i wil write again the SAME bug i wrote last edition (Fifa 17). And i have just noticed that this bug remains in Fifa 18. Seriously, i have given up. That's enough for me. The same bug since Fifa 13!!!


Many players of career mode may know the problem related bellow, which occurs in "other leagues":

Round after round, the points of the teams decrease and others grow more than it should.
I will describe what has just happened to me.


26th round:

1 - Newcastle - 58 pts
2 - Norwich - 56 pts
3 - Aston Villa - 44 pts
4 - Nott'm Forest - 44 pts
5 - Ipswich Town - 44 pts

27th round:

1 - Norwich City - 65 pts
2 - Aston Villa - 63 pts
3 - Newcastle - 59 pts
4 - Nott'm Forest - 52 pts
10 - Ipswich Town - 41 pts

Every year is this f***&cking problem. Year after year. I have been seeing this problem since Fifa 14.
And the same happens to other teams and other leagues...

But I was hoping that it would be finally fixed this year, but, as i can see now, of course it was not fixed.

It is really disheartening seeing the same problems year after year, mainly in career mode, and as all of us know that EA will keep doing nothing. But relax, guys! Next patch, EA will include many features and improvements in Ultimate Team.

PS: sorry for my poor english, guys!
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