Why is Squad Battles so much different in terms of difficulty? (AI difficulty and sluggish players)

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I win the single player draft on Ultimate difficulty pretty easily, I play all my single player season games on Ultimate difficulty, but on Squad Battles I can only scrape a win against World Class.

I think the worst part of it is that it doesn't just make the AI harder. My players are so much more sluggish and less responsive and just worse in every way on Squad Battles. As soon as I go back on single player season then they are quick to react and play how I like them to.

Tbh I don't mind AI being harder on Squad Battles, there is nice prizes involved so it shouldn't be easy to win all the games on Ultimate, but why is my own team playing like bronzes??? I have got 100 chemistry and it says somewhere it uses your opponents chemistry. But a team with 43 chemistry was playing like gods against me. And it's a single player mode so it's not as if a poor connection is causing some slow reactions etc


  • CheekiBreeki00
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    Definitely true, I just lost 1-0 on SB on Legendary, then straight away win 5-0 against Ultimate difficulty on single player seasons without even trying that much
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