Sigurdsson Appreciation Thread

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Messing about last night throwing a few different combinations together and Sigurdsson was by far and away my stand out player. Haven't had a surprise like that since 2POTM Son last year (obviously no player can compare to the mighty Sonaldo - but in terms of surprise).

His dribbling is brilliant for a player that's also deceptively strong. Easily strong enough to hold off a man until he can jink himself out of a tight situation.

Shooting is deadly - scored some peaches from outside the box. Although it's harder to test this properly as there seem to be a lot of shots from distance going in at the moment.

His passing has been flawless. Had a bit of trouble early on getting to grips with the new passing system while trying to avoid the old ping pong passing. But he's got one of those passes that just seem to cut defences in two and glide perfectly in to the path of your striker. On the whole he really reminds me of a FIFA 17 Eriksen who I loved.

I'd say the only possible drawback would be his pace, but as a CAM I wouldn't want him making runs ahead of my ST's anyway so that has never been an issue for me.

In a game that's turned some of my old mainstays in to a bit of a train wreck, it's so nice to be pleasantly surprised again.

And for the sceptical among you, zero is the answer to "How many are you selling?" - although I will 100% be grabbing his OTW for myself. Can't wait to see what an in form will do to him.
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