EA, change at least the hairstyle for all the different icon versions!

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Apparently EA only put effort in making different versions for the icons featured in the trailer, because for Van der Sar they couldn't even change the hair in a way so it looked like the photo on the card

87 vdSar card vs IG face:
239060.png e28eeaba436319d35c72164601e818c9.png

89 vdSar card vs IG face:
239061.png 03cf782ee9cf6be3e2f87641a81deeaa.png

I can only imagine that the 91 will have the same face+hair, which would be okay because he looks the most like it on the photo


  • ImAtrocious
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    I honestly don't mean to be rude, but why the heck does it matter? These forums make is so apparent that there are two very different camps that play this game, which highlights why it must be so difficult to produce a game that is decent and has mass appeal.

    Camp 1: Give us game faces, realistic tattoos, authentic stadium chants, trophy presentations, etc, etc...
    Camp 2: Make the players responsive, the goal keepers not garbage, long shots not utterly unrealistic, etc, etc..

    Consider me firmly ensconced in camp #2.
  • holdenwait
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    no reason why both can't be improved
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