Best well rounded CM players in the BPL for 100k or less?

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I've got a BPL team and my current midfield is:
LM - Sané
CM - Gueye
CM - Dembele
RM - Mkhitaryan

But I want to find some players who've got a bit more to bring attacking wise and switch at least Gueye and possibly Dembele as wel, the thing is I cannot find a real improvement for these players.
Gundogan has a pretty sweet 85 overall but the stats on his card are not too impressive so I was wondering if anyone has played with him and liked his ingame performance?
I've played with Herrera before but that's just not my kind of player, Touré is waaaaay to slow (had him before as well), and that's actually all that I could find, besides Kanté who is a bit expensive for me at the moment. The thing is I want to play a 4-4-1-1 so I need my 2 back CM's to be able to defend as well, so an Eriksen or something will not work for me..

Any great suggestions of some players that I might have missed?


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