Lost packs

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Yesterday I had my free pack in store from the ronaldo edition game then did some sbc collected the rewards and my pack disappeared?? Any 1 had same issues???


  • I have had a similar issue.

    I logged in yesterday and collected my sbc rewards (one gold and one silver pack) but never saw the option for my free Ronaldo pack in the first place.

    The wait to chat with someone on the ea help live chat is 60 minutes which is preposterous.
  • SteveG
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    This happened to my mate who purchased icon edition and still has not got his loan players and packs......wait til you here this... he contacted Andrew Wilson (CEO) who got back to him and said that looking at his account he cant see anything that states hes entitled to them and he will need to send a screenshot showing proof he purchased the icon edition. He bought it straight off the PS4 store for £89.99 how the hell can the CEO not see hes entitled to them.
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