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Which ones have you used and could recommend?


  • Skely
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    Owen 88 is amazing.
    Hagi 89 is another beast!! His status are insane and does show on game.
    Shearer 89 was very solid as well. But Owen is better for my play.
    Inzaghi 87 was ok...
    Laudrup 89 was disappointing

    That’s the ones I had play with so far. Only have Owen and hagi now. Not letting it go anytime soon.
  • Leandrinho
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    Crespo 85 is amazing okocha is fun to use but a bit weak
  • Jay3248
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    I have used Shevchenko 88 and Ronaldinho 89. Used r9 94 on draft.

    Shevchenko has amazing shooting. He doesn't feel so agile tho. He reminds me a lot of fifa 17 higuain. I have suarez now instead as my striker and is so much better in everything.

    Ronaldinho 89. That 80 pace is not an issue at all if you put on a Hunter Chem. He becomes incredibly fast. His agility and evasive movement has made him the funnest card I've ever used on fut. I'm loving Ronaldinho with suarez.

    Ronaldo 94. Beast. 4 games wasn't enough. I need this guy but probably won't have him until towards the end of the game maybe.

    Has anyone used Maradona 91 or Ronaldo 90? I want to to know how Ronaldo 90 compares to the 94 version and how Maradona compares to Messi.
  • SwankyStyle
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    Ive faced 94 Ronaldo In so many drafts and he’s so hard to stop. Virtually every shot either goes in or causes my keeper to offer up easy rebounds.
  • SwankyStyle
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    Schevenko was a solid legend for me. His finesse shots are in line with the best I’ve ever used. He feels a bit slow for what his stats say but he was solid.
  • CfcBlue
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    Could 89 ronaldinho work with hunter as a sole ST in a 4321?
  • SwankyStyle
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    CfcBlue wrote: »
    Could 89 ronaldinho work with hunter as a sole ST in a 4321?

    He would be wasted there, he’s a CAM
  • hammycfc
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    MarioMonk wrote: »
    Which ones have you used and could recommend?

    laurent blanc 85 Is Amazing
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