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Please post details here of any player who has incorrect data for their preferred foot in-game.

Player Name:
Current Value:
Real Value:
Source (if possible):


  • Ross290783
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    Everyone on the shortlist is listed as "left footed"
  • Ibarbo is left footed not right footed
  • Gheorghe Hagi should have 5 stars weak foot
  • EnschedeNL
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    FC Twente Richard Jensen left instead of right foot also not a CM but a CD That can play CM
    FC Twente Peet Bijen Right instead of left foot
    Only source I have is watching the game and see them take a penalty and the position on the field they are standing
    And I didn't see anything for the wrong preff position so I will leave it here.
    FC Twente Jeroen van der Lely it says he's a LB that also can play RB but he's a RB that also can play LB
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  • Jack5v
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    The following changes have been made:
    - Richard Jensen (Left)
    - Peet Bijen (Right)
  • june_qqq
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    Player Name: Shim Dong Woon
    Current Value: L foot
    Real Value: R foot with 5stars weak foot
    Source (if possible):

    (kick-taker at 3:38 of second video is Shim)
  • june_qqq
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    Player Name: Lee Keun Ho (5'9'' player in Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i)
    Current Value: L foot
    Real Value: R foot
    Source (if possible):
  • Dawud
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    VIKTOR TSYGANKOV is left footed
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