Game Freezing Issue: 3-0 Loss, when 4-0 Up!

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I was just playing Squad Battles, cruising 3-0 & scored a 4th Goal and as I went to skip the Replay of the Goal the Game froze on the "EA Sports FIFA Ultimate Team" Black and Gold screen transition.

Around 30 to 45 seconds later the Game automatically stopped and sent me back to XBOX One Home Screen (I didn't quit out).

I Launched FIFA 18 again, and went back to FUT only to find that the Game that I was winning 4-0 has now been recorded as a 3-0 Defeat.

Though this hasn't been recorded in my overall FUT Record as a Loss( top left of the Main FUT Screen), I am still missing out on a considerable number of Squad Battles Points, and wasted some of my free time.

Anyone experienced this Game Freezing issue, coupled with an Unfair loss?


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