R9 90 Review(Online only)

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Ive been skeptical of buying this card. I was able to afford R9 94 but would rather have a stacked team.

R9 90- Simple put, He scores from anywhere. He scores some absolute screamers and has a gorgeous finesse. Inside the box he will finish, even if the shot is straight at the GK. His pace is very deadly, no defender is safe. He destroys defenders with that pace and strength. His link up play and passing is great as well. R9 90 has no negatives, except that hes not the 94, and he drops a back a bit due to the m/m work rates.

Ive used the 94/96(DRAFT) and those are godly. They do feel a tad better then the 90, especially those skill upgrades and work rate changes. But if your someone who has enough for R9 90 and a stacked team i say go for it now! I personally would never want the 94 and a crap team. I can see someone purchasing the 94 for pure investment reasons. The difference is minute, R9 is R9 no matter the rating. AMAZING PLAYER and best icon ive used so far. I will try Pele 91 and see whos truly better at some point.

Every person who loves their legend is going to rave about it, but this is R9 the king. No negatives, no regrets. The card is amazing.

Any questions please ask away. Ive used the following Icons/Legends....
Crespo 87- Amazing
R9 90
Henry 87-

Futchamps- 4 Games 12 goals-2 assists Almost sounds like BS? Its not, and im and average player. Hes lethal!
Divs- Only 3 game last night and some dcs - 6 goals, 2 assists.


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