Disconnects in squad battle?!?

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Someone else whos experiance discconects sometimes when they play squad battles?

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  • silverdale10
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    Yes I've had two so far, was winning one and the other I was about to go into extra time. Got back in to find I'd been given 3-0 defeats with no points and couldn't replay those games. Won't be happy if I finish 1000 points below the next rank.
  • What happened to me was I was comfortably winning the game in the 85th minute or so (5-1), about to take a left footed shot with Rooney and then EA disconnected me from their servers. I logged straight back onto Ultimate Team to find out that I had a 0-3 loss with 0 points. I've been talking to Shahber K on the "Contact EA" website. He told me to come over here. You could go onto my cases and check everything there. I am quite unhappy about this as it was very late in the game and I was up 5-1 then to receive a 0-3 loss it's quite frustrating.
  • mcawesomeville
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    Yeah happened to me too. Won 3-0 on legendary against muller's team. Final whistle was blown, then got disconnected all of a sudden.

    No points were added to my account and I can't play against muller's team again. Very frustrated as this one game could cost me from top 100.

    Contacted EA chat, the guy gave me general guide to improve my connection then said the specialist team will solve my problem within few hours.

    2 days later, still nothing. Guess it's my fault from trusting EA chat even for a bit...
  • bjornheisenberg
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    Their general guide is a joke.
    Look in your router log and try to understand what's going on
  • I get it every other game. Had since the start of fifa 18 and now I've tried everything EA suggest to do still don't work.
  • krippJ
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    I still get it for like evey game! It's a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ joke, we pay real money for this game and n this happens.......Someone knows why or how to fix it because clearly EA support is ❤️❤️❤️❤️......
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  • bjornheisenberg
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    sounds like tcp congestion
    good luck testing for that.
  • TwoZebras
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    Yup happened to me last night when I won. Got a 3-0 loss for it
  • Skely
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    Happened to me twice as well. Is a offline game... should at least let you repeat the game if you are winning or tie...
  • silverdale10
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    Surely there must be a way to hold the state of play in memory for 30 seconds whilst it tries to reconnect you, or at least save the time and score and re-start the game from the same minute with a throw on the half-way line.
  • bjornheisenberg
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    not if your isp has changed your dynamic ip address....which i suspect is one of the reasons for this.

    if its tcp congestion then yes youd have a point.
  • lost trust in ea i guess they purposefully do it ...if u win back to back games in sqaq battles in legendary or world class expect a disconnection im sick and tired of ea theres no way theyll change unless fans stop buying fifa
  • SH4UN
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    I won 7 legendary games in a row yesterday. I’ve never disconnected from squad battles
  • Teezy
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    Disconnected while being 5-2 up against the featured squad. I was making top 100 with that victory. Looks like i don't stand a chance for top 100 anymore. Such BS, EA support obviously doesn't have any power to help you other than give u two untradable packs nobody cares about.

    Edit: got a draft token, still mad tho
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