Ridiculously fast/rubbish gameplay

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Just played 5 of the worst matches ever - every opponent playing with full assists and pinging it round like absolute buffoons.

Is this basically what I can expect now or is it still possible to get a half decent/realistic match?

I'll stick to offline if this is the calibre of player left... sad times as I have an amazing squad


  • Amicus83
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    It does this sometimes, who knows why, tactics conflicting maybe, gameplay feels simplified & nerfed.
    This happened to me frequently on Fifa 16.
    I stopped playing Seasons because of this.
  • Tim1982
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    I half suspect they do this to make us all get 18. Spent so much time trading to get a ton of legends and TOTS (Neymar, Suarez, Ronaldo and Messi etc) planning to skip 18 and play with them for another year.
  • Just started FUT offline. Still trying to grasp the gameplay after jumping from PES on PS2. Even friendly match against CPU feels difficult even at Semi Pro and using 5* team.
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