Wrist tape glitch

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This damn wrist tape glitch still exists. Some games players have wrist tape (ex Neymar, Mbappe) and random games they don't. Thought EA would fix this. Smh


  • fdemey
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    Is this a branch of the boot brigade?

    other possible topics:
    nose hair glitch: Chiellini, Mertens and Fellaini clearly have more nose hair in real life.
    bouncy hair glitch: players with wavy hair like Griezmann should have more bounce in their hair when they jump.
    shoelace knot glitch: some players use different knots to tie their laces.
  • Iffybhai
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    This glitch has been in FIFA for too many years now, they really need to fix it, it's frustrating to see players without wrist tape for an unknown reason.
  • JimmyD252
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    I think the glitch is caused during cold/rain conditions. If you notice it's only players that have winter wear (long sleeves, undershirt, gloves) where it disappears. In pre frostbite engine FIFAs players would wear their winter wear in these conditions so I assume they programmed it so disappear to avoid it clipping, which would make sense if they still wore their winter wear in these conditions. It's even worse that on dry days in winter they wear their winter wear and wrist tape/sweat bands so it does actually clip through
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