I feel as though I'm the new Crystal Palace on FIFA.

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I'm awful at this new game. I cannot even do the most simple things anymore. I'm starting to try and play the skill games to help me play.

I cannot make a 5 yard pass, I'm just constantly giving the ball away. I find myself not been able to make a tackle. The opposition just walks through my defence. I feel as though my opposition is Moses and has held out his staff to part my defence open. I simply cannot tackle him. I may as well play a bunch of strikers at the back it wouldn't make a difference.

I've had a few shots in which just cannon over the ball. I've now not scored in 5 games. I've gone from being a division 1-2 player to getting relegated from division 9.

Hopefully the glory days will come again in FIFA 19 for now I'll have to practice haha!

I'm very happy for all you manual players as they'll kick ❤️❤️❤️❤️ at this game but I'm sure many can agree with me, we have to learn to play again guys!

Good luck!
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