Cant access market on console

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Hi guys, hope someone can help me here as EA live chat told me to come here.

Since 8pm last night i have been unable to access the market, at first i thought it was a market ban for sniping, but they usually only last for an hour or two. I contacted EA and they told me that a lot of people are having trouble with the market on PS4, is this true? They told me to ask for help on here. I've not seen or heard of anybody else having this problem. I wouldnt mind if i could get on the web app but i still cant even get on that.


  • Mizzle-Shizzle1
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    I've also got this problem now. Only just started now, are you still having this problem too?
  • Srd
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    Yea I been sniping this morning and got to 170k and at around 3 PM I got banned and they usually last a few hours but it is now almost 10 PM and I am still banned.... Can anyone help us solve this problem?
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