Anyone else seeing a trend is CPU performance, or is it just me?

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Like, I beat an 84 rated team with 100 chem in squad battles on legendary 4-0.. Then the very next game play a 79 rated team with 64 chem, and all of a sudden their players are twice as fast as mine and the keeper turns into superman making 15 world class saves? ... Obviously it's scripted. But what's to say online play isn't exactly the same?


  • WryLucky
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    I don't really notice a difference between the teams unless they have someone like Ronaldo, especially the Brazilian one...
  • Sh4h_-_7
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    No mine is opposite against stronger i love so much trickery and skill. Lower teams i dominate as my team is stronger all over park
  • romannet
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    It is easy,when you will check small note,you will see that in squad battles you are taking opponents chwm,so if you are playing against 69 chem you have it.
  • silverdale10
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    If it's anything like offline divs in FIFA17 then the difficulty levels, chem & star rating will be meaningless. Difficulty will depend on how well/badly you've been doing and your patterns of results.
    In FIFA 17 last week I beat Arsenal on Ultimate in Div 1 quite easily but that was probably because I'd drawn 2 and lost 1 of my first 3 games.
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