Gameplay is fine

I hear alot of people complaining about the defending in this game. At first I thought the defending was bad but after playing many games. I have gotten used to it and it is not bad. GK are pretty terrible, long shots a little op, but defense is not bad. You have to really switch alot in this game, cover people making runs, if you do this it will be very helpful to you. You have to be a complete defender this year, and it is not going to be easy for everyone, but this game has been really fun so far.


  • pittphan
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    Yes it is goalkeepers that are the real issue so far. Generally they are worse than training dummy's. I am a bit worried that as people continue to improve in dribbling and counter attacking the tools given to defend it will not be enough.... we may see FUT champs become PTB counter every match like early last year. I did not enjoy that.... so I would be fine if they kept defending this way as long as it does allow for the better player to win most of the time.
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