Xbox One - Looking for Club - CM/LM/LF/CAM - Adult with Mic

Thanks for reading! I have a pass first play-style, and prefer good link up play.

An honest summary of myself: I'm not a technical dribbler, but I pride myself on being in good positions and taking care of the ball to allow the attack to flow, with which I've had much success. I've consistently played against DIV 1 & DIV 2 opponents. Fifa 17 pro was 94ovr, 7.8amr.

What I'm looking for:
1.) Club located in the USA; I play evenings after work as well as weekends.
2.) An adult club without children and with mics.
3.) A long-term club; filled with those who plan on playing pro clubs for the entire duration of Fifa 18.

If your club fits this criteria please send me a message, and I'll gladly tryout. Gamertag: Unleashed93
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