Need a new controller

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3rd one broke in quick succesion, the RB on all three.
Now I need a new one and wondering is Elite is the way to go, or just see if anyone has the new improved white one and recommend it.


  • I have the xbox one day one controller, and 2 more (1 was the new generation) . All of them have the left pad broken. Then i bought an Elite almost 7 months ago and it´s rock solid. Never had any more issues
  • Recardo
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    dont buy an elite

    im on my 4th one.
  • CandyRat
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    Bought the elite a few minutes after I created the thread lol, looking forward to it
  • Recardo
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    CandyRat wrote: »
    Bought the elite a few minutes after I created the thread lol, looking forward to it

    tbf the first year was fine.

    2nd year is where the problems came about and most on them down to the fact the refurbished ones they sent me have been terrible.

    make sure you keep your receipt and register the pad.
  • might as well just buy the cheapest available. there's something fundamentally wrong with how you handle the controller if it's breaking so frequently. too much pressure? i just know i've had to replace my controller once in 4 years.
  • RadioShaq
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    Like others said if you break that many just buy the cheapest one you can find because you will still break it.
  • Wonderfulwest
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    Your like me I think you grip the RB button too hard I'm forever snapping mine off
  • CandyRat
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    The RB just keeps coming off lol, 3 controllers since day one isn’t even that bad I think. Compared to what others have done. Worse than last year though.

    Felt like the elite might be made better, I’ll keep te reciept for sure
  • Kloral
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    I recently got a winter ops one for something different. I enjoy the new pattern
  • Millsy89
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    The Elite has the exact same construction and fixing for bumpers as standard controllers. If that's where you have issues, buy a torx security screwdriver and some bumpers off eBay and fix them yourself.
  • DoD_Jester
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    Mines always the left analog stick, keeps randomly drifting forwards, had 3 break in this way and one the LB snapped off (my day 1)
  • AnDrEwThEdOn
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    My elite has been fine for about 2 years now, would recommend it
  • Khalabeeb
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    I bought one two weeks ago, out of the box the buttons are clicking. The rb bumper doesn't work properly. Xbox one controllers have to be the worst controllers when it comes to quality build. I still own xbox 360 controllers that are absolutely fine.
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