The Lighting is Horrendous

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Has any one else noticed how washed out and drab the lighting is ?? At times the pitch is yellow, the players look as if they’re in black and white. Also games that are contested during the weekdays in career mode (any other completion other than the main league) will lead to the horrible lighting at default stadiums.


  • They've added filters into the game this year to differentiate the atmosphere across the different regions featuring in the game, but I personally think the game looks worse than last year (especially on xbox).

    Some matches it looks as though they've applied a sepia feature and it's washed out, others the contrast is far too high and it's pretty bad on the eye, not dissimilar to Fifa 15. Crushed blacks and cartoonish colours.

    As a photographer, I have a keen eye for this sort of thing, and I hope it's adjusted.
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    Instead of molding and creating true original graphics and effects for every stadium/region specifically, they ended up filtering the lighting, and making it HORRENDOUS !!!!
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