Career Pro mode. Achiv issue.

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Through the entire 17 i had to endure that crossing and heading didnt update at all with the achivements, as in it was stuck at say 59 and when completed 5 crosses i was supposed to have 60. Even wrote a post about this and others where having the same issue. Just got 18 today and started up a new career pro player. Completed 5 crosses to see this issue STILL persist.
I have reinstalled 17 so many times to try and fix this but nothing helped and since other people had this issue, i guess the problem is on your end?

Just a quick google and while i play on pc. Heres one with the same issue for ps4. incase it helps anything.

Is there a hope in hell someone reads this and get this sorted out this year? :/
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    I play as a pro player in career mode , but the game is so frustrating in the sense that you sign a contact with a club . But the contact does not have a period of time you need to be at the club , it's just for ever unless you try to leave which takes about 3 attemps to leave . Why cant it be like real football player contact where you sign a contact for so many years , and at the end of your contact you can sign a new one with the club or go on transfer market or sign with other club that are after you as a player .
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