Manual Defending

Defending against Assisted players is impossible, if you're going to make defending like this you also have to balance it in the attacking area of the game. I play on manual myself and it is not that hard to get use to.

Either make defending semi assisted and keep attacking/passing they way it is or make the whole thing manual.


  • GoonerSoldier
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    LMFAO.. And this is why for years I said the series would turn to garbage. Thank the good Lord I will probably get the game on Black Friday for $25, if that. Fifa only caters to the casuals who have zero skill at aiming or weighing a pass. Tactical defending is the reason the balance has been off for years. You CANNOT have a balanced game if the defending is MANUAL and the attacking is AUTOMATIC.... The worst part is all these so called skilled Fifa fan boys go hiding in their caves when manual is mentioned and you call them out for having zero skill. The fanboys want the attacking made easy so they can bang easy goals all game with very little effort.
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