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Hey guys,
So TOTS Sanchez was extinct on PSN yesterday, but now there are hundreds of him. This morning he was 1.3mil, and at one point dropped down to 1mil, currently he's going for 1.2. For those of you don't know, his minimum BIN is 617k. When do you think would be the best time to buy him? Do you think he'll drop down in price anymore?


  • NicoBouch10
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    Bump, would like to know as well
  • Reus
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    there will be 100k packs at some point for every account (probably tonight) so he will go down more
  • Uncle Remus
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    Monday morning he'll be Min or pretty close to Min because of 100k packs.
  • Domination
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    Sold mine about 30m ago for 1.2

    Come midweek he will be well under 1 mil
  • cem1998
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    Domination wrote: »
    Sold mine about 30m ago for 1.2

    Come midweek he will be well under 1 mil

    Is there a specific reason you think that?
  • Fumbler
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    1. Supply keeps increasing
    2. Kids are like Real Madrid. The next shiny and new TOTS card are only a couple of days away.
  • TheMighyBee
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    There are so many on the market right now, crazy amount. His price is only going to go one way from here!

    If anyone is holding some I would suggest you undercut by a good 20k to get rid of him.
  • cem1998
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    If there aren't any 100k packs, I honestly don't see his price going down. Unless he's released again in the final week of TOTS in the EA Sports Squad.
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