Thoughts after trial - FUT v Online Seasons

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I was really looking forward to this years FIFA. One aspect that was discussed leading up to the inevitable announcement was the improvements being made to player responsiveness which I felt could be very poor at times in FIFA 17.

So I downloaded the trial through EA Access and went straight into FUT online season after having assembled a team on the FUT web app the night before. First few games went by and immediately noticed the ridiculous ease goals were flying in, especially considering players had loaned in top class keepers and bronze rated strikers were scoring for fun outside the box. Needless to say I got promoted as title winners with games to spare. Although the keeper aspect was pretty annoying I was feeling impressed with how well you could string moves together so went into the next season thinking, yeah sort the keepers out and this could be pretty decent.

Next season with the goals still flying in all over the place I started thinking more on the defending aspect and trying to work out ways of shutting off those chances if my keeper was going to be non existent. This is where for me the game has now fallen apart. I’ve never been amazing at FUT, never spent the coin either to get the absolute best players together, because you have to accept your level at the end of the day. Div 3 is where I usually come unstuck after prolonged spells of having hard time getting out of Div 6 every season for whatever reason, but I’m ok with that. So what the hell has happened to the responsiveness of players when it comes to defending? Combine that with terrible keepers and it’s just a full on nightmare.

I’m sure with time, maybe, it’s somethg that can be adjusted to. But in a game where pace is king jockeying on the spot with an responsiveness defender is going to get you nowhere when Sane et al go screaming past you. Two games running I was 4 0 down inside 20 min - all shots from outside the box and Neuer in on loan - while my team were just rooted to the spot fumbling to contain and jockey. God how I wish now I’d never even thought about blocking the chances and carried on just trying to outscore my opponent. I don’t need the games to be 6-4 and 5-3 to be enjoyable. I just want it to play across the pitch well and when I’m beaten I’ve been outclassed but slick passing - not by gimped gaming mechanics that artificially make it look like you can have a good passing game.

So I gave up, I thought thank God for trials. Definitely cancelling my pre order.

With my remaining couple of hours of the trial I went on to basic Online Seasons. What’s this? My 3 star team keeper is saving, my defenders are positioned fine, I’m defending fine, I’m stringing some decent moves together. I lose 3 1, but I’m thinking - that was a great game. All flowed fine, maybe something had clicked. Played another one, 0 0 draw. Decent game, chances both ends. Next one I win 1 0, again played absolutely fine. Keepers making saves at both ends, each of us trying to pass our way through before I’m the one thankfully this time with the breakthrough towards the end. So now I’m thinking, maybe it’s a blip then FUT, it was just a case of getting used to it. So back I go onto FUT — 3 0 down inside 30 mins to speculative shots outside the box with Neuer in goal for his last game on loan - perhaps he knew I wasn’t going to have the coin to offer him a contract!!!

But seriously - is it just me? How can there be that much difference between the game modes?

I used to always prefer PES back in the day, then it lost it’s way big time while FIFA came roaring back with its licences and FUT masterstroke. It’s the mode I prefer to play the most and for me currently it feels broken. There’s no way I want to buy it in that state. It seems the other game modes do not however play like that to me so I’m still tempted. What are your experiences on these two modes or others compared to FUT online?


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