Build an XI - Formations, their players and instructions

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Every new FIFA there's the question which formation might be the "got-to"-formation, say which exploits the mechanics the best and which players one should run in that formation. But there's also a ton of other formation which might work well or even better for you.
We have the 4231-Thread but one might want to discuss other formations too. Which players are best in 4-4-1-1 as CM? How does your 3-5-2 look like? Which workrates should I have in the 5-3-2?

What are favorite choices and why?

I spent my time until full release with draft to play several formations and so far I think I am most impressed by the 3-5-2 for the first time ever. Seems to have a proper connection of players in the center of the field from defense to offense which a lot of formations lack in my opinion.
3 defenders around your box are very helpful against these 50m passes that bypass every lone midfielder at the moment. H/H workrates on the wings (Willian) with stay-back instructions help to cover runs from any 90rated player and with your CBs you can deny the space on the wings which everyone uses to get into your box.
You are able to blindly pingpong with your 2 strikers and your CAM to make all 3 run forward but you can also slow down the pace of the game by taking a broader approach with your LM/RM.
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