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Let me begin with apologises first, english is not my language so i'll try to do my best here.

Like tons of PC users, i had some kind of experience with FIFA 18 Trial on Origin.

I play carrer mode most of the time i cant count how many times i had to Alt+F4 this game.
I'd like to make a list to be transmitted to EA 'cause i have real worries about this.

The Retail version is exactly the same file we had to download for the early access, so it means that all the bugs we encountered in the trial are supposed to be still there when full game will be unlocked.
Of course, they should be able to patch it but THEY HAVE TO GIVE US A PROPER CODE, DAY ONE !

I have a High end PC with updated drivers and absolutely no problem in all the games i play. I also had a full reboot of the PC, thinking i was the cause of the initial launching issue...Obviously, my PC wasn't involved...

So i will start a list of all the bugs i noticed, feel free to add your comments.

- Game freezing after match settings ONLY if you make any change (weather, squad, Time of the day, tactics,...). Do nothing and it'll load the game. Change one thing, it will freeze. You have to do your team adjustments in the main carrer menu to make it work.

- Game Freezing when going out of carrer mode to the main menu

- Breaking News on carrer mode with no image, no animation, just a black screen with the news title.

- Black screen from time to time in the transfer negociations animated process. Only subtitles on screen.

- All loans opportunities for my players to go in another team are cancelled by the other team. No exceptions.

- Game bugs when playing Barcelona (with or against).



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    Yep the game is so broken.

    No problems with 15, 16, or 17, but in 18 Barcelona are causing serious issues where even when you select an arena player the game won't load and the arena players will be invisible.

    Also had the game disconnect and then crashes during co-op seasons game.

    Had the menu locked up when I backed out of multiplayer menus.

    Complete joke, especially when you're charging £4.99 to play early and we can't even play. Absolute con.
  • For me I'm on DX 12 and evernow and then the game stutter for a 2-3 sec making the attack break.
    even though that I'm running it on 144fps with no issue the rest of the time.

    hope its some issue with the trail only.
    gonna try with the dx 11
  • DX11 allows the game to run 60fps in the menus but all issues mentioned here are still active.
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