Ping Pong Passing

Its back again and worse than ever. The only fix to this is if EA steer more towards Manual controls, there has to be a way to make the players start making the transition, some kind of leveling system.


  • Jobiwan
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    The only time i notice ping pong passing in a game is if me and my opponent just wanna get through the whole team in two passes. Once i realise im rushing it then i slow down keep the ball a bit better and work it around and it calms down. Just a suggestion...
  • Retro_G
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    It's called Tiki-Taka.....

  • deang07
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    Retro_G wrote: »
    It's called Tiki-Taka.....

    Ive never understood y ppl moan about this lol teams do it irl if there good enough lol
  • Baners
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    Anyone can tiki taka this year tho...passing is extremely easy
  • Benja190782
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    People moan because it's very few teams IRL that can actually do it at the level we see in FIFA18.
    It's not realistic when players are passing so accurate and not even looking up where to pass.
    It's clearly the worst part of FIFA. Passing is so accurate that my 7 year old son can hit every single player from defence to attack just by spamming the pass button.

    Is that suppose to be fun? If defending is manual why is passing and shooting not???

    There is a reason why we see +8 goals nearly every match. I got EA Access so I can tell.

    The game is better than ever but the passing and shooting is BROKEN!

    Not the defending or goalies for that matter! It's all about the passing. Period!
  • Retro_G wrote: »
    It's called Tiki-Taka.....

    Yeah not every team in the world can play tiki taka. Whats the point if all you have to do is press A and shoot when you get close enough to the goal? It seems to me that players that play like this are not skilled enough or want to put any effort. This years fifa trainer actually would help you learn the manual controls. you can do Tiki Taka on manual controls too, the difference is that it actually requires human input.
  • Benja190782
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    I hate ping pong passing and it's waaay too easy to do so in FIFA 18.

    If only passing was as manual as defending - we would have a much better game.

    People think they are good cuz they can do all that ping pong passing?
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