Game should be released as a £25 work in progress game.

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This time of year usually gets me like a kid at Christmas but after a couple games i'm as bored as i get towards the back end of fifa17 on day one of early access, You have created a game where the AI itself cannot defend the AI on clubs has always been known as a terrible thing but this year its on a whole new level of retardation. The only thing this has accomplished is to give more people a reason to play park the bus. There is so much delay going on again this year my guy just stops on the ball and lets it roll away from him when i try to take a pass.. and what the hell is wrong with standing tackle, Why does it perform a standing tackle 3 seconds after pressing it. half the time its not a standing tackle its some sort of stretched semi sliding tackle. I thought that was just a mistake in the beta.

The ability to change direction within an instant is of course a great feature within the game but apart from that i cant really see what else has been added to the game to actually claim it as a new game. Shooting feels the same, keepers are abysmal, easier to score from 30 yards than 10. I can't find this game anywhere for less than 50 which seem's criminal when you look at what has been changed, This is without doubt FIFA17.1 and would fit well in the development section on steam. Of course most people probably wont notice because they blame there loses on not having a good enough team on UT rather than the game mechanics.

This isn't a rant btw this is what i have seen with my own eyes. There are other good additions to this game like the football boot detailing and a slightly better atmosphere but these are small details compared to what should of been added/ not changed. The decision to destroy the one button that actually lets you defend manually is very confusing.


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    Totally agree with about everything you've said.

    After having played the beta, I've not been looking forward to this game at all. Even though 17 was playing absolutely awful that even the simplest passes, runs or touches were close to impossible when the beta was released, it's still gave me that feeling.
    Even though it was a delight to play a football game where the game more or less did what you pressed, it made me want to get back on 17.

    I play on competitive pro clubs sites often as any, play fut champs and I think this Fifa is going to be the most frustrating, pad breaking game I've ever played in my life. Think it's going to be that bad, it's going to have the worst parts of FIfa 14, 15, 16 & 17 combined and this Fifa is going to kill the game completely.
    If PES can catch up with Fifa in a year, it'll be this year.

    Imagine this defense mechanism along with the GK's who're not even able to save skippyballs on clubs against 90+ rated players
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    Exactly, The game never seem's to improve on the bad and the good from the previous year, they try to change to much and its always for the bad, Last year i thought defending was OP in terms of people that just held contain or let the computer do it for them which i found made attacking very stale and limited, This year they have added great attacking capabilities to counter people that barely did a thing to defend with great success but then they went way too far and just ruined defending completely, There was nothing wrong with the standing tackle in fifa17. I used jockey and standing tackle to defend and i had my good and bad games doing that, i never used contain.. This to me seemed the best way to go for defending. Its actually confusing in the way you win the ball to be honest its like a combination of running into the attacker with overpowered strength to ease them off the ball rather than actually tackle them.

    I could probably write a book on the problems with the game in the final third. This is a game for people that play striker at 11 man club's or just don't care about conceding goals.
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