Anyone have a fix for this EA access Error message?

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I 100% do have EA access. When I look at the game via the store, I click play trial, then right about it appears “Trial has expired”.

When I access the game via the EA access app, it loads up, presents me with the “you have less than 10 hours...” skip through to the Press A to access menus, press A, it tries to connect me to servers, then says unable to connect. Press Ok. And then I get the message below.

I’ve already tried hard rebooting the Xbox.



  • XxRichiexRichxX
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    May possibly have found a fix. But won’t know till I get home
  • sinasipahioglu7
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    Its on ea's end , every single year there is a problem ...

    Our origin accounts doesnt recognize the console as a trusted console thats why we are not able to connect ea servers therefore not able to use ea access trial
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