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What’s EA’s deal with FIFA 18? Like honestly what are you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ trying to achieve with this actual failure of a game (success in money tho I’m sure)
There are so many issues graphically which many of you have pointed out but I noticed watching a vid on YouTube that EA have removed some classic kits
They removed Liverpool’s classic kits? Like why? Are EA so offended and butthurt that PES have got their license and Premier League is what’s keeping Liverpool there? I don’t understand and if you think that was bad
Man Utd who are supposedly EAs darlings of the Premier League now with their contract partnership ...guess what they don’t have a classic kit and they have never ever had one in previous FIFAs
It’s absolutely ridiculous

One of the many reasons why I’m pi$$ed off


  • nea_tiki
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    for older fans like me it is very disappointing to see the classic kits removed. they are a part of the history of the game... and one of the things that kept me interested.
  • Kasa
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    Yes this is really shame, luckily pes has option with option files
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