Can't access web app.......

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Not sure what the requirements are but I played fut17 from mid August through to mid Sept. Played about 70 games in total.

I'm getting the message that I dont have a fut club associated and I need to create one on console.

Weird thing is I can log into my fut17 companion app without issues?

Any advice?


  • I'm having the same issue. I played more than one thousands games with a FUT club in Fifa 17 for PC and I preordered and already paid the Fifa 18 Icon edition for PC.
    But I can't access the Web App. I have only one account and I lately changed my EA ID.
    Can someone help, please?
  • You can only access if you created a team before August 1st
  • seven
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    You can only access if you created a team before August 1st

    That'll be it then!
  • JMorrisqpr
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    Same problem for me, played all through FIFA 17, 2000 games but can't get into the web app.
  • Im getting the same message on my PC but I could login on my phone
  • I created a team on September 2016 when Fifa 17 was released
  • PedroMarcosFR
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    I also can't get on the web app, I have a team since years. It also says I have no FUT club associated...

    Anything on this @EA_Andy?
  • MS8210
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    I have the same problems in FIFA 18. Any solved this??
  • I have the game itself on console for at least a month now, I then made a new account and logged into it on the companion app but I get the message telling m that I cannot access the transfer Market?? Could anybody off any solutions to my problem, It will be highly appreciated. (I have also played around 15 games so far)
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