How much do threads here actually affect player prices?

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I really want to comment on some unexpected gems, but I'm afraid it might overhype them =(


  • alex1987
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    Depends, on these hidden gems probably not much.
    The expected Marquee match up teams for example, a lot.
  • Zhyquron
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    A lot. In FIFA 17 someone bought a lot of OTW Baillys, then posted a prediction of TOTW and the price for OTW Bailley skyrocketed.
  • CeeQue
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    Alot even though we are about 10% of the community. We can control a huge share of the market. Especially for MM/POTM where 1/2 days prior you could buy a player for 300-400, as opposed to 3000-4000.
  • Liam W
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    Depends on the player. A rare silver card for instance, a great deal, but a non-rare gold, not a lot. Worth bearing in mind that for every person with an account there are lots of guests also.
  • massive, its always seems to be a 1v1 bidding war sub 1 minute and the same guys target informs on monday/etc cuz we like to save on the inform peak price its particularly obvious with national teams when the shortest time to the best positions are being bid on
  • IKE_P_H
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    Oh well.. I guess I won't talk about them for now, then haha
  • Icosa_Gaming
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    A lot. Trust me
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