The What Team Should I Go For Thread

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The What Team Should I Go For Thread

Undecided on league or team you want to lead to glory? Then this thread will be helpful to you, all posts asking which team will be re-directed to here. Feel free to ask for team or ask people which team out of a selection of teams.

For example:
I'm looking for a team that:
  • Isnt too good (Barca, Man Utd, Chelsea) and isnt too bad.
  • Has a large budget
  • Fairly Young Squad or old players I can sell
  • A kind of Europa League side looking to qualify for UCL
  • Top European League (England, Spain, Germany, Italy)


  • EuroE92
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    SL Benfica in the Liga NOS is my normal go to. Decent transfer budget, young talent with good growth potential, semi decent club prestige.
  • TomAuk
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    Monaco have a good budget and sold a fair few players so they need work. Borussia Mönchengladbach not overly good and give decent ish budget
  • Sarezar
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    Hi - Some teams in Rest of the World were set in previous versions of the game to automatically qualify for Champions Cup or Euro League. If you chose one of those teams and swapped it for another (e.g. in the Premier League), even if you were relegated with the chosen team, the AI would automatically place them in a European Club Competition.

    Has this been changed for FIFA 18? It is very unrealistic to force Euro qualifications for teams who have not qualified through the league. I know, it is also very unrealistic to place a random team in another league, but since the game gives us this option, shouldn't it allow for realistic qualification based on league standings?

    The team that you swap out, the one that is then placed in Rest of the World, could become the team that automatically qualifies - as a quick solution.

    The reason I'm posting this question here is because it affects my choice of team in a negative way. Hope to hear from you about this.

    Thank you
  • ManzGOTIT
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    Apart from Young Boys and Dortmund and Burton
    Any teams (can be generic kits too) that wear Black and yellow and possibly white kits?
  • Tekkonkinkreet
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    ManzGOTIT wrote: »
    Apart from Young Boys and Dortmund and Burton
    Any teams (can be generic kits too) that wear Black and yellow and possibly white kits?

    SC Altach
    Vitesse Arnhem

  • JediMastaWyn
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    Personally I always pick a big championship club, QPR, with the aim of promoting, building up the squad and getting into Europe. A couple of cups then I move on to one of the big boys.
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Bundesliga is a good option. They are a bit of a sleeping giant and you could bring them back the huge success they had in the 1970's. They have a decent budget and a few half decent players like Thorgan Hazard, Christoph Kramer and Matthias Ginter. Their stadium is in the game as well which will add to the authenticity.
  • Would liverpool count as an option??
  • josefontebaby
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    go for southampton. Fully player-faced, decent stadium, good team, young team, pl budget, not in Europe this season but if you buy a couple players then sim you can make Europe
  • The most fun I had was Finn Harps with no players over 60, crap scouts, and a negative balance to start the season, tbh.
  • Dms36963
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    I like an upstart team like Burnley FC. Not much salary yet, but good enough to play at the top level. Most players in the 70s, so room to move up.
  • Newcastle United are make a good career mode and after a bit of work they can make champions league. Took me 2 seasons to get into the champions League
  • Crow
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    Fulham are a good choice.
  • Leceister or Valencia
  • PJazz
    2219 posts Fans' Favourite
    SC Braga in Liga Nos
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