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List of Guides, Lounges, and Key Information

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Welcome to the Official FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Forums!

This thread will act as a directory for all the key threads on the forum along with other key information such as support links and links to the official EA media channels.

IMPORTANT: All important announcements will be posted in the Announcements Section.

Key Information

Forum Rules and Guidelines

General forum rules can be found here:

Only discussions revolving around Ultimate Team or real football are allowed in this section. If you would like to talk about different aspects of FIFA, such as Pro Clubs or Career Mode, please use one of the subforums in the "FIFA 18" section.

Off topic discussion is banned in this section. For any discussion which doesn't directly relate to FIFA or real football, please use the off topic forum which you can find by going to 'Community -> Off Topic Discussion' using the sidebar to the right or following this link: Off Topic Discussion. The PlayStation and Xbox Community Centres also allow off topic discussion.

Official EA SPORTS FIFA Channels


Lounges are topics on the forum where you can chat with like-minded individuals about many aspects of FIFA Ultimate Team and real football. Lounges are listed below:

International Football
International Football Lounge

EFL Lounge - English Lower League Lounge
SPFL/Scottish Lounge
Russian Premier League 16/17
The Bundesliga Lounge
Premier League Lounge
La Liga Lounge
Turkish Super League Lounge
The Serie A Lounge
Ekstraklasa & Poland LoungeLIGA NOS Lounge
The Belgium Pro League Lounge 2016/2017
Eredivisie Lounge

Rest of the World
Brazilian Lounge
Liga MX Lounge
The J-A-K Lounge 17/18 (J-League, K-League, A-League)
The American Soccer Lounge (National Team & MLS)

The Silver Lounge
The Official Kits & Badges Lounge

NOTE: You have to have permission by a moderator or admin before creating a lounge.


General Guides
drpoplove FIFA 18 Academy Rookie & Pro Tips
The Ultimate Marquee Matchups Thread

Formation Guides
3-4-3 Guide - Overload Your Opponent - Repenteris
Tomb's Versatile 3-4-1-2 Guide
4-4-1-1 Formation Guide - Littleand95
4-4-2 Formation Guide - Sokker14

Your Face Here?
Please PM myself @Keith should you wish for your guide or lounge to be added. There are some loose guidelines for guides on the forums and if yours meets these then it will be added.
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