The most annoying thing about FIFA 18...

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Its not the fact that EA didnt even bother to change the menus , no no.

Its not the fact that EA didnt change a single thing on pro clubs , no no not that either.

Its not even the fact that the commentary is the same boring nonsense as always, nope not that.

No the most annoying thing to me is that even though RONALDO is their cover star , even though they really promoted the way he moves in game. EA didnt bother to get his trademark goal celebration perfect.

3 times ive scored with Ronaldo and every time he celebrates not only does the camera not pan close but the crowd dont do the trademark "BOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!" with him.

It really is the straw that broke the camels back for me. I play video games to be immersed and this game kills immersion, especially as im a HUGE football fanatic.

When Ronaldo scores at home the crowd goes NUTS but his celebration in this is so flat it sucks the air out of the goal.

Im a FIFA head, always have been, but between the laziness on Ronaldo and not even bothering to change the menus, i mean come on what am i even supposed to be spending all that money on to buy day one? Whats been done worth the full price tag? Whats the dev time doing with all the time they are saving by keeping things exactly the same. This is the only yearly game that doesn't change its look in anyway. Every other yearly sports/action franchise at the very least changes the UI.

I went on NBA 2K18 and as usual its a completely different game. FIFA has had the same look and feel now for years , its ridiculous. EA needs to take tips from 2K.

No way in hell is FIFA 18 worth full price, its FIFA 17.3 at very best.

EA are so lazy is mad how they get away with it year in year out. Ill have to go to PES for now , ill return to FIFA when its had a COMPLETE OVERHAUL. New UI , new pro clubs , new crowd and commentary etc

When playing NBA 2K18 the crowd and commentators go insane when you pull off something special , but in FIFA its like nobody cares. At least in PES the SFX are superb and they sound like they are excited.

Anyways im out, back when FIFA actually changes. Which will never happen because the foolish will continue to buy it day one and fill EAs pockets with cash for digital FUT cards.


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