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Welcome to the Playstation 4 community section. This section is primarily for discussion of Fifa 18 Ultimate Team and real football discussion, however we have no problem with off-topic discussion here providing that it's constructive and abides by the forum rules.

Please familiarize yourself with the in-house forum rules, linked below, prior to creating topics or participating in discussions.

Below is a list for all of the currently active PSN moderators on the forums. Clicking the link will take you to the profile of each moderator. From there, you can send ourselves a PM if you need to discuss something that may require moderator attention. Please continue to use the report function for offensive posts or feel free to tag us via the "@" function for something that may require urgent action.
FUT PS Moderation list


If you've got any suggestions, whether it's a sticky or forum feedback in relation to this particular sub-section, please don't hesitate to PM one of us.

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