FIFA18 Demo... My Thoughts.

I was playing against the AI on Legendary and scoring 4-5 with ease... I feel Defending will be much more Manual especially against real opponents online which i'm glad about.. AI Defending seriously needed to be toned down after Auto Defending in FIFA17. I see FIFA18 having a far bigger skill-gap as long as E.A don't ruin it with a Patch after release. Skill moves weren't that effective for me but the ones which worked the most were the fake stop with no direction, I peformed it in the AI'S box and fulled the legendary AI and by just moving the left stick beat 2 other players and finessed it in, also the fake shot turning seems different and quite decent other than that I haven't really felt any other skills being that decent the LT + R2 dribbling has been toned down, it's not completely worthless but i'm glad in FIFA17 it was so OP it was unrealistic. Passing felt pingy reminded me of FIFA10 back in the day quite responsive although it might be too assisted for my liking also the 360 passes are still in the game which are a pain.. which was unrealistic IMO I think passing could be made a bit harder. I loved the fact when you're through on goal with Rashford or Bale ETC a slow Defender can't automatically catch up with you all of a sudden and get an Auto Block in.. FIFA17 Auto Defending would bail out alot of players I think FIFA18 is going to have a serious skill-gap can't complain too much about the demo IMO.
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