Reporting a Bully

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Guys/Girls, if you have any spare time and respect and love the game of football itself and pro clubs please report this Origin ID: OFC-TySan2. The reason being not cheating or hacking, this players kept following my good friend from club to club (on pro clubs mode) & took the place of Captain before anyone on the team, he then leaves the game, as in saying "I'm going for a smoke, i'll start only when i'm back" etc and waste other peoples time. He specifically does this to harass my friend and bully him, saying otherwise he will not start the game. (Since the captain can only start a game on pro clubs, without caring about other players, OFC-TySan2 has been bullying/harrasing people on pro clubs for awhile now with no good intention. Please look into this EA or friends just help report him and hope EA notices.
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