Best BUY - Fifa 17 trade in for Fifa 18 deal

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If you are looking for a Fifa 18 deal.. they are rolling them out this week. I am all digital & my brother has fifa 17 with PS4 but now he doesn't play anymore so YEEEE going to trade in tomorrow or Tuesday. DEAL.. ENJOY

Best Buy Stores offers a $19.80 Best Buy Gift Card (Minimum) + $10 Coupon Towards FIFA 18 (PlayStation 4 or Xbox One) when you trade in FIFA 17 (Xbox One). Available in-store only.

Notes: My Best Buy members also receive an additional $10 in reward certificates for pre-ordering. Gamer's Club Unlocked Members will receive an additional 20% off. Offer valid though 9/23/17. FIFA 18 will be released on 9/29/17. $10 coupon expires on 10/7/17.


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