Can't connect to the servers. Are the servers down?

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Anyone else having a problem connecting to the servers? I'm in Australia.


  • dabearz85
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    Same here in the USA. Of course this happens when I finally get some time to play.
  • Gazza74
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    I was on when all friends couldn't get on but was laggy as fk. Now I can't get on
  • Dez1888
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    edited September 2017
    Well done again EA, the most incompetent company I've even had the displeasure dealing with. Unfortunately PES doesn't float my boat.....maybe 1 day! @EA_Andy can you pleas inform us why this is happening again?
  • Ishibum
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    Yup, it's broke. Will get fixed quicker than the weekend league/divs breakage that screwed us for a week though
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