Imagine how good UT would be if...



  • Carswell
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    deang07 wrote: »
    Let ppl play hw they want lol and enjoy the game hw u want , asking ea to cap what ppl spend with them is as usefull as a chocolate teapot i spend a fair bit cos i can afford to yet i always do a 2nd team of players won in wl draft ect , i enjoy both ways but as theres so much going on in fut now ie wl and sbcs etc i like to have a lil bit at the beggining to get going if ppl want to spend its up to them stop hating

    Thank you for putting those couple of commas in there to make it easier to understand
  • Santiago
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    FIFA 12 had this. You could only buy a maximum amount of packs every day. Also for 5k and 7.5k packs
  • Santiago
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    Or atleast they did for some while. Don't think it was for the whole duration of the game
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