FUT Online Seasons

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I just wanted to start this and don't know if this has been discussed already. I personally don't have the time to play 40 games on a weekend, I rather just enjoy the weekend and watch some real football instead of raging these days. I played a lot of FUT Online Seasons this year, probably around 700 games. I started playing the first few Weekend Leagues (finished Gold 2 and Gold 1 at best so average, could do a lot better though if I'm focusing more on the game).

Rewards on Online Seasons are pretty meh and boring. I would really like some more features in Online Seasons so it won't be that boring after a time. I played it mostly because I want to play during the week and not so much on the weekend. What do you think? There won't be a Weekend League that is extended this year (few days more) I guess so I would love to see improvements on Online Seasons but it doesn't look like it will happen. Sadly. :(

What you all thinking about this?


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