Why end FIFA 14?

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It's not like you guys have kept up to date with any sort of bug fixes or balance issues since the middle of the title came out anyway.

So what would be the big deal about just keeping the servers up? You guys make plenty of money with the current titles just to keep a few servers up. Now that I have kids I don't get alot of free time to sit alone and play FUT14...but when I do, I value that time like time GOLD. And now you're going to be taking that away from us? For what? To save a few bucks on keeping some servers running? The only reason I even bought this game was to play with my favorite player Miro Klose. And the only reason I still play FUT14 is to keep playing with his record breaker card...now you're telling me that I can't anymore after Oct 18?

I do nothing but defend this company from negativity from my friends/Reddit, but now I'm having a very hard time....I won't be asking for my money back because of the joy of playing with RB Klose...but don't expect anymore from me ever again.

You want to keep a customer in me? Make it so that we can play with our FUT teams against AI without the need for the FUT mode to be "online"...why do I need to be online if I want to play AI FUT? I can never find an online match anyway for the past year when I play so I just play AI FUT.


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    Amen bro !
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    Corporate greed at its finest. They make absurd profits on their new titles from underage gambling and they don't bother to keep these older titles running even though it'll cost them nothing. They don't even bother to fix half the stuff on their new titles because they know people will still buy their game.
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    I'm just returning to the forums so its sad to see the update that FIFA 14 is being closed down.

    I haven't played FIFA 14 for at least a year, but you mention you can't find any human opponents anymore. If that's the case, then I can understand why they are shutting the servers down for good. They probably saw the lack of people using the game, compared it against the cost and mere responsibility of running the servers, and decided to close it.
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    They know that people who still use FIFA 14 haven't purchased any new titles since and don't buy FP's.... EA are a prime example why capitalism has always failed
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    This thread is a prime example of why the average person doesn't understand capitalism, and just wants free stuff...
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    yeah i'm pretty sure he paid for it.... yep if you read the OP he says he bought it. Why would the average person understand capitalism? I mean really how many percent of the world's population do you think have studied economic systems? Pretty sure they don't even teach it in grade school anymore.
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