Weekend League is staying.

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Was just watching back the fut live presentation and noticed the EA dev pretty much confirm FUT Champs is staying on the weekend only.



"Brand new mode, brand new way, WEEKEND LEAGUE is amazing"

"This is a feature that basically lets you see some of the matches that are happening in WEEKEND LEAGUE"

There goes any chance of a FUT champs revamp.


  • ZizioGardo
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    That doesn't mean that they couldn't lower the amount of matches. That's the real problem.
    PC users only play 25 matches and not 40. So they could lower the amount of matches to 25.

    The format of a Weekend League and a Week Qualification is fine. The problem is the 40 matches.
    If FUT Champions would be a Week League, then that would be the death of Seasons, and that wouldn't be a smart idea at all.

    They should keep the format, but lower the amount of matches. That's what people want.

  • Gerdinho90
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    this is also what I thought having seen the stream. They did add squad battles as an "alternative" for people who cannot play during the weekend. I guess we have to play WL during the weekend once again.

    My only hope is that we get 1 more day to finish it. Then it would be perfect.
  • Decee
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    Fitting in 40 games in a weekend is bloody tough. Especially as I'm always so busy at the weekend. Would be nice to be rewarded for playing 40 games.
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