Winning 1-0 1st half and then disconnected with DNF

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How is this still happening?!?! It's BS! I was giving the guy a beating 20' minutes in, it was only 1-0 but I had full possession, he prob then raged quit and then I got the loss! **** sad this is still happening!


  • BuffonJuve93
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    Try connecting your Xbox to the internet via Ethernet. I used to have the same issue and a direct connection solved it in a 99% (only got disconnected twice since then, in over 150 games)

    Also, get on the chat, they can give you compensation (which you deserve because of the wasted contracts. Usually they give out 2 untradeable packs and a discount code)
  • DaveSaves
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    He didn't disconnect you.

    It's your connection or the connection to the server.
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    If you were winning and he rage quit you would get the win. The fact that you didn't get the win means it was your connection to the EA servers.
  • Diggy
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    It's also that EA servers are bad
  • AreGrande
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    This has happened to me multiple times. No fault on my part, as I'm still connected to EA servers. Flawed game.
  • Campino
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    It's EA not him
  • razor_ro
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    i guess there is a small chance its me, but my router is literally 4 yards across the room from my console, and the only reason i dont have it connected via ethernet is because it would look ugly with a wire running across the room.
  • Retro_G
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    You need to stop playing on Aldi wifi connection.
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